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River Crouch west entrance to Memorial Park
River Crouch east end of Memorial Park
River Crouch flowing under railway bridge Source of the River Crouch
River Crouch on Burstead Golf course

River Crouch crossing Laindon Common Road

River Crouch crossing Noak Hill Road

River Crouch crossing Barleylands Road

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In July 2009 the River Crouch was polluted in the area of Memorial Park Wickford. This was found by Peter Steward who contacted Roy Hart. An enormous amount of fish and other species were killed.

Subsequently they discovered flytipped rubbish and organised a
working party to clear this debris from the river.

Dead fish river crouch Working Party, Steve Wastal Roy Hart, Barry Storey and Peter Steward
More photos in Working Parties.

The River Crouch Conservation Trust was formed in July 2009. The remit of the organization is to clean up the river of rubbish and to bring the river back to a quality which will benefit all forms of wildlife, from water voles, fish to invertebrates and for the pleasure of the general public.
The Directors of the Trust are Roy Hart, Peter Steward and Steve Wastal.

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The next Work parties are on Sunday 12th April and Sunday 4th October.

Another successful work party
Sunday 2nd November 2014

If you want to know how the day unfolded,
the story behind the pictures below,
the lady in a dressing gown and the buried treasure

Click on the link below.

River Bank Report 2nd November 2014

If you would like to come and help please

From time to time letters are written regarding the River & Trust.
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Map of the River Crouch

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